East Atlantic SWAN Wave Model

The SWAN wave model runs for a domain covering Irish waters at a resolution of 0.025 degrees. The model runs every day to produce a 6 day forecast using NCEP GFS wind forcing and FNMOC Wave Watch 3 data for the wave boundaries. The forecast is generated for research purposes and for comparison with measured wave parameters. Modelled parameters include: Significant Wave Height (m), Mean Wave Direction (degreesTrue) and Mean Wave Period (seconds). Predictions should not be used for safety critical applications. Please note that weather data used for hindcast models is more reliable than weather data used for future model forecasts. To use the download service users can choose a datetime, one parameter only and output file type. Note that at any one time, model data is available for the previous 30 days and 6 days into the future.

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Geographic Extent
West Bound Longitude: -19.988
East Bound Longitude: -0.012
South Bound Latitude: 36.512
North Bound Latitude: 59.988
Time Extent
Begin Date: n/a
End Date: n/a