Wave Buoy Network Real Time Data 30 Minute

Belmullet waverider data gap between ‘2014-01-30 09:32’ and ‘2014-02-13 16:24’ due to operational technical difficulties. Data gap between Friday 18th April at 03:00 until 07:00 April 22nd 2014. Berth A waverider is currently out of action but will be replaced in the next couple of weeks.

Irish Wave Rider Buoy Network 30 minutes real time wave data collection. The parameters collected include: - Longitude (decimal degrees). - Latitude (decimal degrees). - dateTime (yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss.sss). - Station ID. - Peak Period (secs). - Peak Direction (Degrees True). - Upcross Period (secs). - Significant Wave Height (cm). - Sea Temperature (degreesC). Users of the dynamic download data service must choose a Wave Rider, time period, one parameter only and a file type to download data requested.

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Geographic Extent
West Bound Longitude: -10.500
East Bound Longitude: -9.200
South Bound Latitude: 53.100
North Bound Latitude: 54.300
Time Extent
Begin Date: 01/05/2008
End Date: n/a