Burrishoole Catchment Automatic River Monitoring Stations [ARMS]

The Marine Institute presently maintains Automatic River Monitoring (ie. ARMS) stations in the Burrishoole catchment, on the Glenamong, Black river, Tarsaghaun, Glendahurk and Rough rivers. The stations support an array of limnological sensors and a telemetry system that relays the acquired data to the MI BDAS data system. The following parameters are measured: Water temperature (degC), Conductivity (milli Siemens/cm), Nephelometer (millivolts), CDOM (millivolts), ChlorophyllA (millivolts), PhycoC in millivolts, Water level (mm), Dissolved oxygen (% Saturation), Dissolved oxygen (mg/l), and pH (pH units).

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Online Resources
Real-time observations webpage
Geographic Extent
West Bound Longitude: -9.665
East Bound Longitude: -9.562
South Bound Latitude: 53.893
North Bound Latitude: 53.980
Time Extent
Begin Date: 31/12/2001
End Date: n/a