Bottom Trawl Fishing Activity: Natura 2000 assessment v1.2

The dataset indicates the location for bottom trawl fishing activity in Irish waters. Attributes when known include year, area, gear type, species, season, days per year (Days_Year), number of vessels (Vessels), vessel size (LOA_Max), gear units, classification, Area of polygon (Area_M2), and data type. This dataset was created in support of the Natura 2000 risk assessment in 2013. Please note that this dataset represents bottom trawl activity for vessels <15 metres length in Irish waters.

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Geographic Extent
West Bound Longitude: -10.391
East Bound Longitude: -5.831
South Bound Latitude: 51.442
North Bound Latitude: 55.438
Time Extent
Begin Date: 01/01/2011
End Date: 01/09/2013