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The Marine Institute (MI) is the Irish national agency responsible for Marine Research, Technology Development and Innovation (RTDI). The MI seeks to assess and realise the economic potential of Ireland's 220 million acre marine resource; promote the sustainable development of marine industry through strategic funding programmes and essential scientific services; and safeguard our marine environment through research and environmental monitoring.


Meeting your data needs is important to the MI. The MI endeavours to enhance public access to and use of data that it collects and publishes. The data are “organised” in datasets listed in this Open Data Portal. The datasets are collections of data, managed by the MI and provided in a number of machine-readable formats and via a number of “data services”. The MI is committed to delivering a fast, efficient, professional and comprehensive open access service to our core scientific data products and this portal provides such a facility.

Terms of Use

          Open Data

-         By accessing the datasets, you agree to these Terms of Use, which are intended to protect and promote the MI commitments to open data and ensure that the recipients of these datasets give back to the community the benefits they derive from these datasets. If you have any questions or comments about these Terms of Use, please contact the MI directly. For further certainty, this Open Data section of these Terms of Use apply only to the Open Data datasets portions of this Site and apply to the exclusion of the other sections of these Terms of Use which limit your rights of use to the information on this Site. However, all other sections of this Terms of Use which protect the MI from legal proceedings and limit the MI’s liability apply equally to your use of the datasets.

           Ownership and Intellectual Property Rights

-         All Intellectual Property Rights in the datasets belong to the MI and the end user acknowledges that it has no ownership claim or rights whatsoever in the datasets.


-         All datasets supplied on “data.marine.ie” are licensed under an open MI Data Licence.

           Value Added

-         Any dataset is not to be sold or form part of any application or development which is intended to be sold. Where data is used in manipulated or value added form, to provide a product for a consultancy or to prepare a tradable commodity for open sale, an acknowledgement must be made to the MI based on the nature of the product and number of copies sold. Any such use of the data must be discussed in advance with the MI.


-         The data posted on the Open Data Portal is not an official statement of MI policy, practice, services or procedure, and should not be construed as such. It is intended only to provide immediate and convenient access to datasets, so while every effort is made in preparing data and applying standard scientific quality control no responsibility is accepted by or on behalf of the MI for any errors, omissions or misleading information.The MI accepts no responsibility for loss or damage occasioned or claimed to have been occasioned, in part or in full, as a consequence of any person acting, or refraining from acting as a result of a matter contained in any data or as a consequence of using any data for any purpose whatsoever.            


-         Any potential corrections to data shall be notified to the MI and full details provided as requested.